Friday, March 2, 2012

Pump It Up Style: Avery Turns Three

Morning of Her Party
I finally did it. I outsourced a Birthday party. After Avery's 2nd Birthday, where we had 40+ people in our house and I attempted to let 2 year olds decorate their own cupcakes, I decided that it was time to outsource Avery's 3rd Birthday Party.  Olivia is still talking about having hers at home and with it being during the Summer it doesn't bother me too much, sure it is more work, but we love a good reason to throw a Summer Bash so we don't mind at all. But with a Winter Birthday, the weather usually isn't on your side and you have to plan to be inside, so this year we hosted Avery's Birthday Party at Pump It Up.

When you outsource a party you are able to cut way back on the theme if you so choose, because you can get away with using the paper products they provide and you don't have to worry about decorating their party room a crazy amount, so I didn't end up putting much effort into a theme. I found a thank you note I loved, had Graham whip up a cake to tie it all together and ended up putting little favor bags together with the central favor being a Tribute Donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I am very torn about favors, I like to make them personal and special, I loved the buckets for Olivia's party last year, but this year I just couldn't come up with anything uber creative, so I decided instead of fill a bag full of junk (my beauties live for the junk they get at other parties, in fact they talk about "goodie bags" non-stop), I would put bags together and include a thing of Play-Doh for each kid, the Tribute Donation Card (with a Smartie), Fruit Snacks and a cute Lollipop.  My beauties wouldn't let me skip favors all together, but I am glad that I was able to work the Tribute Donation into the mix. I need to start giving Olivia's favors some thought now, I am not very creative.

Cakes By Graham did an amazing job with this cake.  The thank you note I found on Vistaprint set the tone and this cake is exactly what I wanted. Something simple, yet fun, with bright colors, but not super theme-y.

The kids had a blast bouncing round Pump It Up for a few hours, the Parents loved that their kids were getting all their sillies out and most Parents commented that their kiddos slept great that night!

Olivia, Avery & Alyssa (not following the one at a time rule - ha!)

The Girls and I (not following the rules - whoops)

There is a whole slew of shots like this - it just cracks me up to see their bodies flying all over the place

All the kiddos for a group photo - trying to get 40 eyes to focus on the camera is too much to ask

Enjoying Cake & Snacks

Pump It Up took care of everything, which was VERY nice. All I had to do was bring the favors, cake, candles and snacks and they took care of the drinks, balloons and would have provided the ice cream and pizza if we had opted in for it.

Avery loved blowing out her candles - I sure hope she made a good wish, I love this photo, you can see her puffing out her cheeks to blow...

The only downside to Pump It Up, is that Avery wanted to open her presents there, I didn't pay attention to what she was opening and the staff insisted on keeping the gift log, well they didn't capture enough detail and mismatched a few gifts with gift givers, so I am fairly certain that my thank you notes were not the most accurate - sorry about that.

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