Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fantasy Movie League

Tonight marks the Q2 draft of our Fantasy Movie League - started by a group of super smart movie fanatics that I work with (read: statistical nerds).  There are a lot of rules that I won't bore you with, but the gist is, you get $250MM dollars to draft 5 movies, the top 4 movies count and the scores combine critics ratings, domestic box office totals, and audience opinions.

I am fairly certain I am going to suck at it, being that I rarely enjoy movies that win awards. I have a moral obligation to only draft movies I would actually want to see.  I am thinking about going with a drafting theme around the leading men in the movies, that I might just bid on movies that Channing Tatum is in, he has a few coming out, I happen to think he is a hunk and hope that strategy doesn't lead me astray.

I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies and Dramas and often times they show up poorly in the theaters, so I might have to stretch a bit into the Action genre to have a respectable showing.  So far this is my short list:

1) American Reunion - American Pie Reunion - Releases 4/6

2) The Five Year Engagement - Release 4/27 - I can't seem to find anything about this movie, so not sure how it will show up, but I just love the title.

3) Safe - this is an action one, but Jason Statham stars, and he is a hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin-love.

4) Battleship - another action one, but Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) stars and he makes me all hot and bothered.

5) What to Expect When You're Expecting - looks adorable - but not sure I would actually see this in the theater unless I was planning a girls night out, so that tells me it might not be the "breaking records" type of movie I will need to bring home the title.

6) Men In Black III - Will Smith is still jiggy...and being that this has the 3-D option attached to it, means it will probably do well - Beauty and The Beast re-release was a huge hit, and I am betting Titanic will also do well, but I just can't watch that boat sink again, it was depressing the 3 times I saw it in 1998.

7) Rock of Ages - Tom Cruise, I am still on the fence about letting him back into the circle of sane, but I really liked Knight & Day, so I am leaning more towards he is on his way back, but Rock of Ages just feels risky to me, not in the Risky Business sense, but just a little less safe of a role. Good cast though, so hopefully it does well.

8) G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Channing Tatum - need I say more. Oh wait, yes, I do, The Rock...I would love to smell what he is cooking. Dwayne Johnson is a fox!

9) Magic Mike - Channing Tatum stars as a male stripper - hello- Academy Awards of Hotness, add in Matthew McConaughey and you have a double threat of hotness.

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