Friday, March 23, 2012

Five on Friday: Favorite Breakfast Foods

Breakfast happens to be my favorite meal, actually that might be a small fabrication of the truth, Brunch really is my all time favorite, but Breakfast is up there, I love going out for breakfast, but it rarely happens, it NEVER happens during the week and rarely do we venture out for breakfast on the weekends either, so its usually left for weekends we are traveling or something like that.

Brad and I will be having Brunch with a bunch of his Fraternity Brothers (and lord willing their wives) this weekend and it got me thinking about all the foods I love to eat in the morning. This list is going to be a mixture of what I would order if I was dining out and what I normally eat for breakfast since the dining out thing is so infrequent.

1) Eggs Benedict - I can't get enough. I absolutely loved Eggs Jefferson too, which is a slightly modified version of Eggs Benedict that is served on a biscuit instead of an English Muffin. I love all varieties of Eggs Benedict too - I love it with Ham, Canadian Bacon, Crab Cakes, Spinach & Bacon, I just love it. I think I could probably dip just about anything into Hollandaise Sauce!

2) Baked French Toast Casserole - I have made this several times and love to alter the recipe a bit. I include far more brown sugar than I should and also use brown sugar Karo syrup instead of just the normal Karo syrup you can procure at your local Piggly Wiggly (kidding, I have never shopped at one, just love to say it).  I also end up riping the bread into cubes instead of just laying it down in the baking dish as slices.  Ends up looking like bread pudding this way - love it.

3) Fresh Berries & Yogurt Parfait - I love just plain vanilla yogurt with some granola, and don't forget to throw in some fresh berries. I could eat it all day and night, it is light, but tasty. In fact I often bring it to work for breakfast, I pack the yogurt in a container, mix in the fruit and then bring the granola in a separate baggie or container so that it doesn't get soggy, soggy granola is WOOF.

4) Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich - I love bagel sandwiches, both for breakfast and for lunch, but I am very particular about my breakfast sandwiches - I must have the eggs scrambled and the bacon (no sausage) must be super duper crispy or I get grossed out, stringy - non-crisp bacon is also WOOF. This photo is actually from McDonald's, and judge all you want, their BEC Bagel is delish. 

5) Fiber One or Special K Fruit Crisp Bar - this one is boring, I know, not sexy at all, but its reality for me most mornings, between the Fiber One Bar or the Special K Fruit Crisp bar my tummy is granted some nourishment for the day and my metabolism is off to the races, too bad these days its competing in the snail races, but at least its moving.

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Theresa said...

No one can use the word WOOF as well as you do! It's like I can hear you saying it when I read it.