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Those are the words that come to mind when I think about the cold blooded murder of Melissa Jenkins, a school teacher from Vermont who was adored by many, her biggest fan was likely her two year old son, Ty, who, btw witnessed her beating and explained to the police what happened to her.  Ty was left alone in Melissa's car for several hours before an ex-boyfriend found him and reported Melissa missing.

And all of this was at the hands of a 30 year old couple who used to plow her driveway...they just wanted to "get a girl"...isn't that what everyone sits around thinking on a Sunday Afternoon? Insanity. I can't even begin to explain what those crazy people were thinking and the fact that they are not charged with First Degree Murder makes my blood boil - second degree murder...that is OSCAR MAYER...BOLOGNA...that is what second degree murder is.  You go out looking for a girl, you have a plan...sounds premeditated to me.

That little boy...oh it just breaks my heart into a million pieces to think about what that little man witnessed.  And his Mommy is gone.  He needed her, he still needs her, probably more now than he ever did and those two wack-jobs took her from her.  I would love to slap that lady, who btw, likely witnessed her husband rape Melissa during the beating. People scare me. And while I generally believe that things happen for a reason...

Molly and I were at the BP Gas Station a few miles from our house, and lets just say it isn't in the nicest of areas...we commented about someone busting a cap in our youknowwhat...because it is a bit ghetto, but for crying out loud, Vermont...really? Give me a break!!!

So now that I am done ranting about this, if you could...take a moment and send your prayers up for that little boy and those that loved Melissa.

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3guysandagirl said...

I can't stop thinking about her last moments. Not knowing what they were going to do with her let a lone her son. No parent should ever have those thoughts in their head. And to strangle her? They looked into her face as they killed her. They deserve to live an eternity in hell. Actually, they will live an eternity in hell no matter what happens to them here on Earth.