Saturday, March 17, 2012

Perfect Party Day

What a perfect day to celebrate Sweet Lily's 3rd Birthday at a beautiful park in Hillsborough, NC, just a bit South of Durham. Jeni always puts together such great parties for her precious little girl.  Last year the girls loved the Museum and this year the park didn't disappoint. In fact, about 30 minutes into the party Olivia came up to me and said "I am having so much fun". I don't know about you, but hearing something so positive come out of my child's mouth just warms my heart.

Olivia had a little green on, to avoid being pinched of course

Avery & Olivia had a blast, they ran from the swings to the slides, to the bubbles to the chalk, Jeni did a wonderful job providing a wide range of activities for the kids and she also reminded us to bring something for the kiddos to push or ride on, and Olivia got some quality bike riding time in, Avery passed and her bike was propped on the Highlander for the entire party.

This park had a dog park, and I happen to be a huge fan of Great Dane's so when this handsome pup appeared I just had to make my way over to the dog park area and introduce myself to Arlo, I wanted to take him home with me. 

Brad & I both enjoyed one of these delectable nuggets of chocolate, caramel and snickers goodness

Avery and I went on a Bear Hunt...she loves that song, so sometimes we act it out and it gives us both a chance to act like sillies.

Monkey & Lambie couldn't miss a party...or a Bear Hunt

I had some trouble with the lighting under the shelter-thingy and didn't get a good shot of the Birthday Girl, but take my word for it, she was adorable and very color coordinated, Jeni did a great job with everything, down to matching Lily's invite design to her leggings. HA!.

This girl is growing up, can you believe in July she will be 5 Years Old?

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Jeni said...

Oh I love the photos!!! Thank you so much for making the trip. It wouldn't be the same without you guys!!!!! I hope they gave you a peaceful ride home :)