Friday, March 16, 2012

Five on Friday: Spring Things

I love Spring, I love that its the change from dark to light in both weather and clothing.  I am going to knock out my 5 favorite things about Spring and would love for you guys to join in the Five on Friday fun and blog about your Favorite Spring Things.

1) Peep Toes are back in the rotation...I love peep toe heels. I think they are the perfect mix of professional and fun, and they just make my feet happy.  I have a great pair of black peep toe heels that are just the right height and I can't seem to find a pair of closed toe black heels, so I love breaking out the black peep toes when the weather starts to warm up.

2) Purse colors open up - and fun colors are acceptable and almost necessary.

3) We can play outside after work - which means a lot more time to socialize with my neighbors who I miss dearly when the weather is cold and its dark outside.

4) Open Windows - I love opening the windows, it doesn't happen here for very long, because it seems as though the second you open the windows because its warm enough too, it hits 85 and you now need to close them and turn on the AC.

5) Beer - I rarely drink beer in the winter, but during the Spring and Summer I love a good beer outside with friends, whether it be at a bar (back in the day when we went to bars) or in the road in our neighborhood, or even on a friends back deck, I love a beer in the Spring time.


Theresa said...

I am in love with that purse. Is it one you own?? I look forward to your Friday posts. I think it's so fun to read about your favorite things!

A Boy, His Girls & A Big Dog said...

Goodness No, that purse is about the price of my mortgage. I am thinking a trip to TJ Maxx is in my future, cute purses at great prices.