Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We had to wake Olivia this morning...might be the last time that happens, but judging by some FB posts from some friends several little ones had to be woken up this morning.  My Parents were parked outside our house for 30 minutes, didn't want to call for fear they would wake us, now who was more excited? The Grandparents or the Grandkids? Judging by the time everyone woke up, my guess is, the Grandparents! Which I happen to think is adorable!  Our plans to travel to Bassett this afternoon were cancelled due to some sick Jones kiddos, we just couldn't risk exposing our little ones to their high fevers and coughs. We hope to see Brad's Parents later this week, I know the girls are in need of some Bina & PawPaw lovin'. 

We hope that ya'll had a wonderful day with your family & friends. I always get a little sad/homesick this time of year, missing "home" and all my friends in the 413 (area code for those not familiar).  The Holiday Season just reminds me of being at home, but more and more Richmond is feeling like "home", so I can imagine that sadness will fade as the years go by, but it doesn't mean I don't miss all my family and friends at home, I've got nothing but love for them and their beautiful families. Merry Christmas from ours to yours...

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