Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wrap it Up

I spent the afternoon wrapping presents and watching two tear jerkers (Life As We Know It and The Family Stone) while the girls napped at my Parents house and Brad rode 30 miles in the freezing cold.  While I would have loved to nap with the girls I had a fantastic afternoon to myself wrapping presents and watching movies. I actually love wrapping presents, weird, I know, most people dislike it, but I usually blast Christmas Carols, drink some Egg Nog and wrap until my back feels like its going to give out, today I opted for Girl Movies and it didn't disappoint.

I love the classy polka dot look
I have a small obsession with wrapping paper, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites that I have seen on the World Wide Web.  We use to have a blue & silver theme thing going on with all things Christmas in our house and I tried to keep that theme going with the wrapping paper, but since we have integrated all colors into our Christmas Decor I just go nuts with wrapping paper, which leaves me free to snatch up the good deals when I see them.  My favorite places for wrapping paper bargains have been after Christmas sales at Michaels, Black Friday sales at JoAnn Fabrics and I covet all the glorious wrapping paper I see while strolling the aisles of Target, but I haven't procured any from heaven Target just yet, other than the small rolls I have snagged from the $1 section, which happen to be the perfect size for stocking gifts, and they are easy to use, the selection this year has been dreary, but the last two years were outstanding.

More Dots, I love me some Polka Dots
I have failed to find gift tags that I love at an affordable price.  I wrap so many presents that I can't justify the nice fold over tags, I usually go with the sticker variety, but I always find myself disappointed, and of course I always end up choosing a red sticker to go on a red package, and it ends up looking horrible. What kind of gift tags do ya'll use? I keep thinking that I should make them next year with my Silhouette and I am seriously considering it, using card stock, and my beloved sharpies to whip on some beauties...but that might be asking too much considering how many presents I wrap. I don't put gift tags on the stocking presents, but is a lot. 

I have seen several varieties that bring in shades of pink and I happen to love it
I have seen several styles that include writing or Holiday Language and I also love them
Here is another example with writing that I happen to adore 
And I always need to find a cute Santa paper to use for the Santa gifts - this one isn't my favorite, but its one of the cuter ones I found online at Nashville Wraps
I try and find "adult" wrapping paper for our Parents gifts and I try and use kid-like wrapping paper for the girls gifts. Some of my favorite wrapping paper growing up was Mickey Mouse Christmas Paper and I found some this year for the girls gifts, so I used some of that on the 24 Days of Christmas Gifts that I brought to Disney World with us. This year some of Avery's presents are wrapped in Dora paper and I have another roll of Dora left for next year.

Target Wrapping Paper - looks very similar to a Michael Miller fabric I love
Love Ornament Type wrapping paper too
Where do ya'll usually find your wrapping paper? I am going to do my best to NOT procure any wrapping paper in the after Christmas Sales, but I can't make any promises.  I am going to do my best to organize all the supplies after I am done wrapping, I haven't nailed the organizational solution just yet, but its my goal for the New Year.  I won't be able to wrap in the open 3rd floor area next year, the girls start to snoop around, so it will have to be more organized and buttoned up next year. I love an organizational challenge - please share your secrets.

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