Monday, December 19, 2011

Menu Monday: Mint Oreo Balls

I wish I had legit photos of the process, because it really was simple, but since I didn't document it well last night I thought I would just share what they look like as a finished product...

1 Package of Cool Mint Oreos - crushed
1 Package of Cream Cheese - softened
2 Packages of Semi-Sweet Bakers Chocolate (12 squares) - melted

What to do:
1) Crush Oreos - food processor is helpful, you want them finely crushed
2) Mix Oreo crumbs with Cream Cheese
3) Layer Cookie Sheets with Wax Paper
4) Roll Mixture into balls - close to 48 of them, place on Wax Paper
5) Freeze (or put outside if you live where its cold enough) for 10 minutes so they are firm enough to roll in melted chocolate
6) Melt Chocolate Squares in the microwave until smooth
7) Roll cookie balls in the melted chocolate until covered
8) Sprinkle with Sprinkles
9) Place in Fridge for at least an hour - keep refrigerated.

Easy & Delicious - great gift to throw in a box, tastes great. I love recipes with 3-4 ingredients!!


3guysandagirl said...

We just had these at our holiday party yesterday. YUM!

Sarah said...

Love this recipe! I'm making them tomorrow for work. So simple and yummy :)