Saturday, December 17, 2011

1985 Called...

A Paper Chain (they might be called something else in the world outside of my brain, but for now, they are just simply a Paper Chain), I seriously haven't made one of these since 1985 and I am kicking myself for missing out all these years.  The girls and I put on some Christmas Tunes and went to work on a Paper Chain for our Family Christmas Tree.

I used some paper I had purchased light years ago and so the project was essentially free. We have been a crafting machine here in the Turner Household. I went a little nutty and procured some craft supplies from Oriental Trading and the girls have been having a blast.

Olivia is always asking to do another craft project, so I feel like Mom of the Year now that I actually have supplies to make the craft projects happen. I used to have to improvise before, and probably will when the Holidays are over and I am out of seasonally appropriate crafts. I guess I should consider looking into non-Christmas craft suppliers.

I have found hundreds of craft ideas on Pinterest, one of my goals for the New Year is to spend time on the weekends doing crafts and things like that with the girls, they love it, and it helps me focus on quality time with them rather than running around trying to get the laundry done, etc.

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