Friday, December 23, 2011

Five on Friday: Santa Lists

I thought I would share with you the top Five Things on all of our lists this year...

Olivia's List from School...
1) A Piano/Keyboard
2) Some Shirts
3) A kids iPad (aka LeapPad)
4) A present for Mommy
5) Coloring Paper

Olivia's Letter to Santa

Avery's List from School
1) A doll
2) A doll house
3) A hat
4) Shoes
5) Stuffed Animals

Avery's Letter to Santa

1) A new Mountain Bike
2) A coffee bean grinder
3) A new Mountain Bike
4) A new Mountain Bike
5) A new Mountain Bike


1) Red Flannel Shirt - this one is from Lands End (one of my favorite stores on the planet), but I have seen several cute ones on Pinterest, but can't seem to find the right pattern in the stores.

2) Hunter Rain Boots

3) North Face Rain Jacket  - all I care about is that it isn't black or brown, I want a color.

4) Coach - Poppy - this perfume is just lovely (I have a hard time using the word lovely, it just doesn't fit my personality, but it seemed to fit in this instant). 

5) Leopard Print Flats -  I have seen a few on people that I really like, but haven't seen any in person while shopping that have jumped there way into my closet, so for now I will just think about these precious JCrew flats...

I am fairly certain I will go 0 for 5 on my list since I didn't really tell anyone about these wants, this is likely the first my family is hearing about them, and since Brad and I don't exchange gifts for Christmas, I am thinking these will be helpful hints for him for my Birthday which is in March. (hint, hint, hint).

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