Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tacky the Tacky Life

Sweets Table
Our Annual Tacky Sweater Party was on Saturday, so I did some baking and preparing of foods on Thursday and Friday because I could feel a cold/sinus infection coming on and I wanted to make sure that even if I felt awful our guests would have something to chomp on while they got their Tacky On.  Don't worry, I washed those hands over and over and over again. Well it was a good thing I prepared ahead of time...I felt worse as the night went on. A few rounds of Just Dance 2 (that I won, btw) and I was done, I could barely talk, I sounded quite a bit like JaRule and I was worn out, and I believe the clock hadn't even struck 10 yet. (Lame)

Love the Cheese Marker - thanks to Jeni :) 
 And of course, it wouldn't be a party without Meatballs and Buffalo Chicken Dip...

Jeni made these delicious pretzel rods - the girls ate them up! 
This guy even got in the festive spirit...check out that Sweater - he won the top prize this year.

And funny, yet sad story. There is a small home across the street, and a few doors down that has been on the market and vacant for probably over a year, the couple got divorced and the house was being foreclosed on, so fast forward to Friday - I am working remotely and Brad calls to tell me to look outside, there is a police car and several other cars parked out front, and the house is being emptied onto the front lawn, sad, huh?  Well then fast forward again to Saturday Night. We had been joking all day that we should be rummaging through the pile for any treasures that I could spray paint, so once we were all decked in our Tacky attire we set out with flash lights to take a peek.  Turns out there was a fantastic label maker in the pile and Molly snagged it, lucky gal. So she put it to work...


You can't tell from this photo, but she also managed to label herself and Insley, non-prego and prego respectively. Congrats to Insley, btw. Nice silly straw touch, Molly.

Insley, Jeni, Moi & Molly
This year Insley & Molly didn't even plan on being twins - how funny is that.  Molly & I were shopping over Thanksgiving weekend, stumbled across these adorable Christmas Nightgowns at Target, looked at the price tag and realized they were a bit out of our Tacky Sweater Clothing Budget, so we did the next best thing...we stopped at Walmart and found these gems.  I paired mine with black leggings and boots and I have to admit, it was a comfy outfit, one that transitioned well to sleep as well.

Brian got some compliments from the cashier at Walmart, she fancied his sweater vest and thought she was going to pick one up too...too bad she wasn't going to be wearing it to a Tacky Sweater Party, she was going to wear it with pride. Bless her!

This is the only time the three of us ever get our photo taken together, we need to fix that...


maura said...

Love that cheese marker, it's adorable!

Jeni said...

OMG I look hammered in that photo Leigh. HAHAHA!

Jeni said...

Thank you again for a great party and giving me something to look forward to in early December!