Friday, December 9, 2011

Angels We Have Heard On High

Avery, Olivia & Alyssa
Can you believe it? Our two little beauties starred as Angels tonight at their Pre-School Christmas Program.  Olivia played the part of Gabriel and Avery was an Angel.  Avery was the youngest in the program by almost 6 months, it was so special to us that they both got to participate in the show this year, under normal circumstances they wouldn't have been able to since Avery shouldn't have moved up to the 3 year old classroom until March, but thankfully her early move helped facilitate this special night.

I had to chuckle when they told me that Avery would also have a part, and that it would be an Angel...ironic since most of the time we call her anything BUT an Angel. And one of the teachers approached my Mom after to comment about how well Avery's halo stayed on...her quote was "Wow, those horns sure kept that halo in place" nice huh?

Olivia has been looking forward to this program for several weeks, they start practicing the songs around Halloween, so its been a long time coming.

And as a family, we represented well. Of course my Parents were there, but Brad's Parents drove up for the night to support the girls and get a small dose of pure entertainment.  I love that the girls had all four of their Grandparents here to show their love and support. We didn't get a single photo of the girls with their Grandparents and I always get so disappointed when I miss opportunities like that, but they rushed the girls back into the school to get them changed, so I am hoping the teachers captured some good photos of them together in costume, because these horrible snap shots are from our Flip.

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