Friday, December 2, 2011

Five on Friday: Christmas Ornaments

Growing up every year around the holidays, my Mom used to take me to Yetters (a store/florist in a neighboring town) to pick out a tree ornament. I looked forward to that trip every single year and I hope to start a tradition like that with the girls, maybe this year is the year to kick it off, I can't wait to see what they pick out. But today I wanted to share with ya'll my Five Favorite Tree Ornaments.  Some of these are from my childhood, others I have purchased along the way for our family and some I have bought to help start the girls own ornament collections.  I hope that by the time the girls leave the house they each have a box full of ornaments to decorate their own trees.

1) Mickey Mouse Merry Christmas Ball - 1980 - this just makes me smile, smile because we are taking the girls to Disney this year and it makes me smile to think about only being a year old when we put this on our Worden family tree for the first time. 

2) Baby's First Christmas 2009 Pea Pod - I bought this one for Avery, for her first Christmas. Olivia has several ornaments on the tree, she came first and naturally we went a bit overboard with "Olivia" ornaments before Avery came around so Avery is in catch-up mode, but this one just has a special place in my heart. It is sweet and makes me remember the days when Avery was a little bitty thing.

3) Handmade Christmas Tree - Brad's Mom gave me this ornament at one of my bridal shower's, one of her close friends threw me a Christmas Themed Shower and she wrapped up this ornament and when I opened it I got all teary, it was an ornament Brad had made when he was just a wee little tyke.

4) Elf Ornaments - these remind me of my Grandparents.  My Dad's Parents had a few Elves that they hid around the house on Christmas Morning and as the only Grandchild it was my duty to find all the Elves, every year it got more difficult.  A few years ago my Parents found these Elf Ornaments that reminded me and them of the Worden Elves, which are now being hidden at my Parents house for the girls to search for.

5) Fenway Ball - this one just reminds me of home, good ol' Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, and so much of my childhood was spent watching the Red Sox and keeping score during the games while I watched them on TV. And I happen to think that this ornament is very pretty!!!

I can imagine my favorites will change over the years, the girls are starting to bring home some handmade ornaments from school and I can imagine they will make the list next year. What are your Five Favorite Ornaments?

Next Weeks Five on Friday topic will be Five Christmas/Holidays Traditions

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