Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Avery - Corolla 2009

I thought I would try and bring another weekly tradition to my blog and today seemed like a great day to give it a whirl, so here goes nothing.  Wordy Wednesday is going to be a chance for me to document and share some quotes or thoughts I've read during the week. This week I have two to share, one is from Real Simple Family and the other is from Raising Your Spirited Child, both fall into the Motherhood category.

Olivia - Corolla 2009
"Parents teach in the toughest school in the world - the School for Making People.  You are the board of education, the principal, the classroom teacher, and the janitor." - Virginia Satir, Family Therapist, PeopleMaking

Avery & I - Corolla 2009

*This one could be expanded to include: school nurse, lunch lady, and coach, but it does hit the nail right on the head.  When you sit down and think about the pressure associated with making and raising little humans it can be frightening.  I think of some families that have two children, one has turned out like you dream about and the other could be in jail serving a life a parent you really wonder how in the world something like that can happen? Same genes, same environment, yet two radically different children...

Olivia - Corolla 2009

"We try to change our loved ones, and when we can't, we get friction and conflict.  People are not really all that changeable.   One of the greatest tragedies in human interaction is that we believe 'will' can change everything - it can't." Jerome Kagan, Harvard University

Olivia in Corolla 2009

*I am not sure how I feel about this quote, part of me is relieved to read a quote like this and another part of me gets frustrated with it. I want to believe that just putting your mind to something should be enough, but as I get older I encounter situations and people that help me realize that it isn't that simple.  This quote reminds me that I need to adjust how I parent my two beauties. Just because I can get something, doesn't mean that the girls will, and that is okay, I need to realize that they might be giving it their all, and I am just not doing a good job helping them through it, because it isn't delivered in a manner that suits their learning style or their temperament. I am working on it, but holy smokes, its going to be a long road...but one I am willing to travel on from here to eternity if it means I am being a better Mom to my precious tots.

Brad & Olivia - Corolla 2009

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