Monday, September 26, 2011

12 and 14??

The last two nights we've had some challenges getting the girls to hit the hay without the early onset of WW3! So to try and minimize the tears and frustration I've plopped myself down between their bunk beds until they settle down and sail off to dream land...well the first night went something like this...(picture me laying on a mattress on the floor between their beds)

Olivia: Avery, do you want to talk when SHE leaves?

Avery: NO

Olivia: Ohhhh, you want to talk now...that's okay too, but if we talk now we have to talk really quiet so that she doesn't hear us!

Me in my head: how old are you two and what in the world are you two going to talk about...are they 2 and 4 years old or did they morph into teenagers over night?

Then last night after an afternoon at the NC Aquarium....I am laying between them again...

Picture me laying on my stomach...Avery starts to poke my elbow gently...

Olivia: Avery are you touching her?

Avery: Yup!

Olivia: Are you using 2 fingers to touch her, just like we touched the "fish with the big wings that flap" (aka Sting Rays)?

Avery: Yup!

It is memories like this I want to sock sways for a rainy day...I hope I always have access to memories like Sister-in-Law has always told me how much she enjoys Listening to her daughters talk at night (they share a room), and now I totally get it!!

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