Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Me No Like...

We are hearing a lot of that lately out of the mouth of the youngest beauty.

"Me no like my room, Me no like my bed" - which makes bedtime a battle each and every night and nap time is nonexistent.

"Me no like those panties, Me no like those pants, Me no like that shirt" - which makes getting her dressed a difficult task.  Picture her in a bikini and Uggs like the random teen shown above...that was her outfit of choice for our Saturday morning trip to Costco..who does she think she is? Heidi Klum? Had we still been faced with 85 degree days I would have let her rock it, but it was 50 degrees and getting ready to rain, so I protested and needless to say we didn't make it to Costco.

Last night I had to sleep/lay on her floor until 10pm just like that sweet dog photographed above. Every time I attempted to crawl to the door (with lots of adult pride, I might add), she would wake up and scream her adorable little face off, which would then in turn wake the oldest beauty up and the vicious circle would begin again.

Not Avery's Room, photograph was found on the Internet, but a good view into what Avery's room looks like every morning

The newest phase is plagued with indecisiveness.  She has no idea what she wants, one minute she wants purple panties, the next she wants blue, and it isn't just as simple as changing out her panties, a fit has to transpire between each and every change of her mind.  I've tried a few different approaches to move the phase along but nothing seems to be working so this morning, at 5:34am I took a different approach.  I declared defeat and cried while sitting in her glider while she emptied her drawers in search of an outfit that would satisfy her changing mind.

I didn't want ya'll to have to envision this chaos on your own so I thought sourcing photographs from the Internet would be a helpful visual for you, and turns out it helped me realize that other families are faced with the same challenges.  Not every two year old is a well behaved little human, some are small monsters living in little human bodies. The silver living is, this little monster is all mine, for better or worse she is mine all mine. Anyone else been faced with the changing mind phase, or rather the "I have no idea what I want" phase? And if you made it out alive, suggestions are welcome.

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