Monday, September 5, 2011

Boca Baby

Brad and I jetted off to Boca Raton for a long weekend to celebrate one of his fraternity brothers nuptials, while the girls enjoyed some quality time with Bina and PawPaw in Bassett.

On the way to the wedding

Brad and I stayed at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, which happens to be a Waldorf Astoria Resort, fancy-schmancy, but thanks to the bride and groom we were spotted a killer deal on a block of rooms and 3 other couples from the DC Area joined us in a couples weekend away adventure.

Our digs

Ryan & Lisa got married at The Addison,  it was beautiful and we had a blast at the reception, the food was delicious...can't you just taste it?


It was great to enjoy a weekend with my hubs, enjoying each others company, hanging out with other adults, and operating on our own schedule, but we missed our girls terribly and were beyond excited to see them when we touched down here in Richmond.

Brad & his boys

Funny Side Note: One of my besties, Megs was in Richmond this weekend visiting friends (she had planned to come last weekend but Irene changed those plans and she rebooked her flight for this weekend)  and we were able to catch up for a few at the Delta gate in Richmond.  We came in on a 757 from Atlanta and she was taking the same plane back to Atlanta - small world eh?

Brad is a tad red, it isn't sunburn, its actually hives...he can't drink Sour Mash whiskey...who knew?

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