Sunday, September 25, 2011

Corolla or Bust

Our rain filled trip was quick, no complaints about traffic, but our windshield wipers were screaming for a break when we arrived in the good ol' Outer Banks and in the 24+ hours we've been here it has been a complete wash, the roads are flooded and every time we drive through huge puddles the girls and I yell "Oh Honey".

While the 3.5 hour trip was fairly painless we were all thrilled to be out of the car and in the comfort of our "home". The girls played quietly while Brad unpacked the car in the rain and I organized all the food and plotted ways to hide the snack food from the girls, I failed miserably and Avery has been scouring the counter tops in search of Sour Patch Kids and Chocolate Chip's vacation, two rules:  throw caution to the wind and gain 5lbs. Done and Done!

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