Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Miss Spray Paint

 I am having major do-it-yourself withdrawal. I just want to pick up a can of spray paint and work some magic on some of the furnishings around this beach house. A brass chandelier, oh my dear me, it could be a masterpiece with a small investment of some metallic spray paint and some new globes...and the natural wood colored frames and decor, yikes, they are screaming for some white spray paint.

 I even asked Megs to pull into the Ace Hardware on our way to the cute shops at Tim Buck II yesterday to see if the rumors were true, to see if Ace Hardware had aisles of spray truth to that rumor and it was a bittersweet discovery, because had the rumor been proven I would have been tortured with nothing to spray paint.

 There are some wonderful thrift shops here, but our Yukon XL is packed to the gills as it is, I can't imagine adding any finds to the mix, so I have kept my distance, but its been hard, a tug of war of wills...there is this huge frame in our house (below) that I would love to snag, repaint and turn it into another fabric cork board, I love the details of the frame.

But without DIY projects to keep me going, I had to do what every other respectable girl would do...I shopped.

Cute, right? 
Hard to tell how cute they are with the plastic covering, but they are AH-dorable. One for each beauty, of course.
Megs and I perused The Cotton Gin and The Mystic Jewel yesterday afternoon while the girls napped and the boys drank some brews by the pool (Brad is a Lobster, btw). I picked up a few Christmas Tree decorations - which is an annual tradition, we always get at least one ornament to remember our family vacation.

A monkey for our little monkey, Avery
I plan to add their names to these with a paint marker, or maybe even vinyl

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