Friday, September 9, 2011

Five on Friday: Kitchen Tools/Gadgets

Do you love eating out? Do you love not having to prepare your own meals? Do you love not having to clean up after yourself? I can answer yes to all of those questions without skipping a beat so that brings me full circle, to a topic that if you knew me, you wouldn't expect, and that is: My Five Favorite Kitchen Tools/Gadgets

1) Bamboo Tongs from Pampered Chef - these beauties are perfect for grabbing toast out of the toaster, for moving things around in the toaster oven, you name it, these buggers fit the bill.

2) Onion Chopper - don't be fooled, this puppy can chop a whole host of things, it isn't limited to onions, but onions do happen to be my favorite thing to throw in there so my hands don't get all stinky.

3) Meat Claws - I am not going to lie, I don't physically own these yet (hint, hint Mom & Dad), but if any of you are like me and loathe touching raw meat these mamma jammas are the bomb diggity.  They save your paws from getting all slimy and gross. I find myself washing my hands 43 times after touching raw meat and I still feel all icky.

4) Misto Olive Oil Sprayer - this thing has helped us lighten up our already extra light olive oil usage.  Instead of trying to pour a small amount into a pan for cooking up some veggies or preparing some veggies to be thrown on the grill, I don't have to worry about having a heavy hand, I can just spray them down and know I am using JUST enough oil.

5) Slow Cooker Liners - these things are a lifesaver.  If you use your crock pot often you are probably well aware of how gross they get, all sticky, gooey, and just flat out crusty (that description just made my stomach turn). I love that these liners make cleaning up a breeze, a cinch if you will...


Jones Family said...

Put me down for the meat claws as well! Looks handier than the forks I use.

Megs said...

Another great thing about the chop wizard is that for those of you that are particular about presentation, it chops things (onions, tomatoes, peppers, apples, even pepperoni etc...) in PERFECT little squares! It's by far one of our favorite kitchen tools as well.