Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Step Ball Change....

The oldest little Miss started dance at a new studio tonight and so far so good.  Last year she took tap and ballet through a dance studio that came to her preschool and while it was uber convenient, the quality just wasn't what we were hoping for, the good news was, Olivia didn't know any better and loved it. 

This year we decided to give another studio a try and see if we noticied a difference, but of course that means one night a week we rush all over the place to get her there on time and for the month of September that means Avery comes along because Brad has bike races every Wednesday night.

Wondering how Avery did as a spectator? Wonder no longer....

5:30-6:30pm is a tough time for 2-4 year olds.  They are nearing the top end of their limit, most days the tantrums top the giggles, so I wasn't sure what tonight would bring.  Avery managed to make it through a good portion of the hour fit free, but the child was restless, she didn't want to sit still, she wanted no part of the activities and toys I brought for her and of course we toured all available restrooms several times over. Nice facilities if I do say so myself, and as a child my Mom likes to remind me that I too had an obsession with public restrooms....odd if you ask me, but at least Avery comes by it naturally.

Olivia was really excited and had a lot of questions over the last week. It was odd being in the dark as to how to answer them with this also being my first time at this studio, it felt strange saying "I don't know to her" it was almost like I was failing her because I couldn't comfort her or provide her with the answers she needed to feel okay walking into a new situation but she did so well!!! I was so proud. She held hands with other little girls and acted like a regular, not the rookie that she is.

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