Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Pardon the horrible quality - not sure what was up with the camera/her smile.

This is our last year in the minors...next year, its the big leagues for us and that likely means a whole different level of waterworks from this Momma.  I am a complete sap for the First Day of School. I see parents waiting for the bus, and taking photos of their little ones getting on the bus and I burst into tears.

Can't you just hear Avery's smile? She is yelling CHEESE at the top of her lungs...that's what you call a happy, well rested baby, who happened to wake up at 7:15am....okay, pick yourself back up off the floor...I did say 7:15am. Nuts, I know. This child rarely sleeps passed 6am. We hit the lottery today.

Olivia got this PBK Pre-School sized backpack in January 2010 when she started school at TCH, and it was MUCH bigger on her then...I am guessing its almost time for another backpack, I am thinking we will hold off until Christmas Time, but she is likely ready for the next size up.
We started one of our back to school traditions last night. We went out for Mexican Food and Ice Cream with our neighbors, I hope that we can keep that going, if all else fails, it will just be the four of us.  Next year I am guessing the Back to School Fairy will come and leave the girls some treats...but that is just a hunch :) And I also wanted the girls to be able to pick their First Day of School Dinner as well, but tonight we have some special visitors.  More about that later...

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