Friday, September 23, 2011

Five on Friday: Fall Traditions

Growing up in New England Fall was big time baby! From jumping in leaves to apple picking, to all the crazy leaf peepers (people who drive 4 miles per hour on the back roads looking at the foliage). So today the theme for Five on Friday is my Five Favorite Fall Traditions, and I am going to base it on my traditions from growing up.

1) Bobbing for Apples - this one dates back to when I was in Brownies, we used to bob for apples, and I loved it, I was a fierce competitor, loved sinking my teeth into the apple and pulling it out of the water. It wasn't until just a few years ago when I shared my love of bobbing for apples with my friends that they educated me on how gross it is, and how it is just a raging pool of germs, awesome, super glad I didn't know that or think about that back in the day, because I was a bobbing fool.

2) Homemade Apple Sauce - my Mom makes a mean batch of homemade apple sauce and I used to love coming home to a fresh bowl of homemade apple sauce, still warm, fresh from the pot. She still makes it today for the girls and I love to snag a few spoon fulls.

3) Jumping in the Leaves - I am not sure if kids do this all over the country or not, or if we were just the odd balls, but we used to rake all the leaves up into piles, run and jump into them. I loved seeing yards with the leaves all piled up, just thinking about how much fun it would be to jump in them. Seems silly now, but I can still feel my excitement from 25 years ago...

4) Haunted Houses - this one is a bit strange considering I loathe scary things, I am not so sure I really liked the haunted houses all that much growing up, but it was the thing to do, we had a few big ones around us, that we all went to as large groups, it was the thing to do, and we always organized one big trip to the big haunted houses.

5) Rubbing/Tracing Leaves - I remember for years art projects growing up that involved crayons, wax paper and leaves that we found on a nature walk, and I love the warm feeling that came over me when Olivia brought home a similar project just last week.

What are your, or what were your favorite Fall Traditions?

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