Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10pm = Banana Bread Hour

Isn't 10pm the Banana Bread Baking Hour in your house? I caught a glimpse of four super duper ripe bananas while I was throwing the girls dinner together (btw: why on God's Green Earth does it take 28 minutes to cook fish sticks and only about 18 to cook Chicken Nuggets? When you throw a chicken breast on the grill it takes much longer than a piece of fish, I just don't get it) and thought it would be a low down dirty shame if those bananas weren't put to good use and enjoyed by the little humans in our house. And so, just like every Martha Stewart wanna be does, once the girls were down for the night I whipped up two loaves of homemade banana bread and just pulled them out of the oven about 3 minutes ago.  I hope they taste as good as they smell AND better than they look!  I am not a master baker, so there is no telling how these puppies are going to turn out, fingers crossed the girls eat them up for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow...Olivia has her first dance class tomorrow night, at a new studio, with new teachers and new kids. I hope she falls madly in love with it. And wish me luck, I will have Avery with me as well and explaining to her why she can't dance quite yet is likely going to take the full hour, and I am betting we'll still be talking about it on the way home.  Olivia has decided that she doesn't want to play Soccer this Fall..."the coaches smell weird and it makes me all sweaty, I don't like to be sweaty Mommy".  I tried to argue with that, explaining that it was so hot during the summer, maybe they wouldn't smell and maybe she wouldn't sweat as much since it would be cooler,  but I didn't get very far...I hope she comes around and enjoys sports down the road, but I have promised myself that I won't push things on her, I will let her make her own decisions, I will encourage her to try new things but after trying it, its her choice whether she wants to take it on. 

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3guysandagirl said...

A. Looks delicious.

B. We don't push sports on the boys either. Logan has decided he doesn't want to play baseball. It's fine with me, although I hope he changes his mind and tries it down the road. Both boys want to play soccer this fall and we're signing them up on Friday.