Monday, September 12, 2011

Operation Purge

Our family is in PURGE mode, and I mean BIG TIME purge mode. I want everything gone and with a quickness. I get like this every so often and there is no stopping me. If I could, I would rent a moving truck, pack up the entire house, sort through it all and only move the critical stuff that I still have a made home decor crush on and the rest would make a trip to the Goodwill...but that isn't happening so I am purging the way I know how.  I love to declutter, but it would be better if I didn't enable the clutter in the first place.  More later on book I just started to read about clutter...

I spent about 6 hours getting clothes ready for the Kids Layne Fall Sale.  I love this sale, the smocked dresses are to die for and I always end up finding a few beauts.  Last year I came home with a Size 10 Lilly Pulitzer Puffy Vest for Olivia...that's right folks, those that are quick with math will realize she was 3 years old last year when I made that purchase, but I just couldn't pass it up. 

I had well over 100 items including some shoes.  If only they allowed folks to consign Carters brand I would have had close to 400 items, but this sale is uptown baby! No Carters for them, so the Carters stuff is going to be set out for the annual neighborhood yard sale that is scheduled for sometime in October. I can't wait, this house is going to be empty by the time I am done with it. Wish me luck this weekend. I hope most of it sells! My two favorite things about Kids Layne is that one of my work friends owns it and the second is that part of their profits go to The Children's Hospital here in Richmond and with Olivia seeing specialists at The Nelson Clinic (part of Children's Hospital), we couldn't be more supportive of the cause.

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