Friday, April 13, 2012

Five on Friday: Summer Must Dos

I have seen a "Summer List" on Pinterest and I have seen several blogs that create a list and check it off as they do and accomplish. We have talked about creating one for our family as well, but we aren't quite there yet, and not sure we will get there this summer, but I thought it might be a good idea to capture the top five things we would like to do and things we are looking forward to as a family this summer.

May 2010

1) Strawberry Picking - we picked strawberries when Avery was just a wee wobbler, but we skipped it last year, we are looking forward to getting back out there and filling up our baskets.  Yum, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Ice Cream...I can already taste the berry-freshness. 

August 2010

2) Toes in the Ocean - Tush in the Sand - this one is a slam dunk, no chance this doesn't happen for us this summer, but our hope is it happens several times throughout the summer. We plans to spend a week in Myrtle Beach with Brad's Parents and Sister (and of course her family) and we hope to spend a long weekend in Wilmington - Wrightsville Beach, but our goal is to also spend a day or two on Virginia Beach, just soaking up the sun, it is so close, yet we never take advantage of it - likely because our weekends are always so packed, but I hope we can make a few day trips this summer.

July 2011

3) Make Ice Cream - we started making ice cream mid-summer 2011 and it was a blast, it was fun mixing in new ingredients and seeing how they would turn out.  The girls loved it and asked to make ice cream several times, I can't wait to see what "flavors" we create this summer.

4) Drive-In - we have wanted to try out the Goochland Drive-In for the last two years but we just didn't think that Avery would make it, now we know the child operates on very little sleep (not that she operates well, but she operates) and so this is likely going to be the year we give it a whirl - let's hope there is a good movie to break us in.

5) Camping - this one involves Brad and the girls - he has promised he will camp out with them in the backyard, they both have sleeping bags and we have a tent, but we aren't quite sure if the tent will hold all three of them, and I am fairly certain Avery won't make it the whole night, but I said the same thing about Olivia last summer and she surprised me, so maybe they will prove me wrong.  The girls have already started asking, so I am guessing this one might happen before it is officially summer, since it gets a little hot in the summer here. Maybe in a year or two they will even talk me into joining them at a real campsite - not just in our backyard.

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