Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday....Rainy Sunday

We haven't had a lazy, rainy day in quite some time and I think we are all very thankful for it. We just woke the girls up from a short rest (bedtime is a nightmare if they get any real sleep during the day, oh wait, its a nightmare with Avery regardless) and it looks like we are all going to curl up on the couch and finish watching Despicable Me (our movie from last night - Turner Family Movie Night).  Avery likes to call it "Spicable Me"!

We ventured out to Costco in the rain this morning for the weekly berry stock up (I am obsessed with yogurt, granola & berries for breakfast in the mornings and Costco has the best deal on berries these days), had a delicious lunch at Awful Arthur's, stopped quickly at Sweet Spoon, returned a book at Barnes & Noble and I put clothes away sobbed while watching Private Practice from last week - you know, just your normal Sunday around these parts!

My Parents are coming over for a quick visit this afternoon before they head back to Northfield early this week.  We will all miss the VERY much, but we know they are ready to head North, my Dad is ready to start planting his veggie garden and my Mom is just excited to "return home".  We likely won't see the until July, so we plan on lots of Skype conversations!!

Yesterday (Saturday) I co-hosted a baby shower for my dear friend and college roommate Allison in Northern Virginia.  Her and Austin are expecting their first late May, the gender is unknown and it is driving me nuts, I tell her almost daily what a pain in the neck it is for me to not know the gender...because of course with this being her first child and all, its all about me - HA! It was great to catch up with my JMU gals and spend some time with the beautiful Mom-To-Be!

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