Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

We colored eggs...

We celebrated it, we promise - despite the poor blog showing. We had a relaxing day - we slept in, and by we, oddly enough, I mean Avery & Brad. Olivia was up a few minutes after 7, but I talked her into snuggle & Disney Junior time in our bed, while Brad & Avery caught a few extra ZZZZ's in Avery's Bed.  Of course, Avery slept until 8:10am - please note, this NEVER happens.

We decorated the house...

We had a lazy morning at home, looking for Easter Baskets and checking out the loot that the EB himself brought...

This is where the EB hides your basket when you aren't a good listener and when you give your Parents a really hard time at bedtime (screaming your face off and getting out of your bed 146 times a night)

A certain someone setting her sights on the basket...

Sneak Peek of the Armoire Re-Do...and Olivia's Basket

Olivia finding her basket and a look at the Armoire, it deserves its own post one of these days

This was the first year that the EB really left candy in the basket and frankly I think he over did it, so next year its going to be back to kid stuff and snacks, much lighter on the candy. I forget how long it takes to get rid of it when you only let them eat one piece a day.

We went to my Parents house for Lunch and had a delicious meal.  My Dad and Brad hid some eggs for the girls outside, so they had a little Easter Egg Hunt at my Parents house - Olivia allowed me to put her in a cute smocked dress, actually the same one she wore last year on Easter, but Avery was having no part of it, and kept with her uniform, a jean skirt. The child wears a jean skirt almost every day...good thing she has 4 of them.

My Mom made an Angel Pie, which is a recipe my Grandma (Dad's Mom) used to make every year on Easter, so of course, big tough Ralphie turned on the sentimental waterworks and reminded us all that he really is a softie deep down in that gruff exterior of his. I absolutely get my sensitive/sentimental/cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat side from him. It was delicious...with a capital D.

We headed home after the Egg Hunt and attempted a nap, I was the only one that executed on it well and the girls rested for a solid 7 minutes.

Later that afternoon we had another Egg Hunt for the girls, but this time at our house.  They had fun running around collecting 24 hidden/stuffed eggs. It wasn't quite the same as years past, since the neighbors and their kiddos weren't around, but the girls had a nice day, filled with lots of family fun!!

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