Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"We have a new brother?"

Isn't he just the cutest little cherub you have ever seen? I just want to love on him until the cows come home.  Meet Aiden, he is the first born son of my BFF Megs.  My beauties have been very anxious about his arrival, they ask every single day "Did Auntie Eggs baby come out yet?" and everyday I would tell them "Not yet, he is still baking in there" and so the other night when Megs finally went into labor I went upstairs and woke Olivia up to tell her that "Auntie Eggs was at the hospital and getting ready to have the baby". Olivia was excited and said "He's finally coming out? And those are happy tears right Momma?" (She can tell my happy tears from my sad tears, so cute)  At one point over the last few weeks Olivia had offered to help get him out, I told her that we couldn't really help, that it was up to the Doctors to help if they thought he needed help getting out, but that we would just have to wait, I believe her response was "NO FAIR"

The next morning while the girls and I were getting ready, imagine all three of us in my bathroom getting ready...I think Brad was in his closet, they were asking questions about "Baby Aiden" and Avery looks up at me with the biggest brown eyes and says "So we have a new brother?" it was a precious moment...but Brad and I quickly chimed in with: "Oh no honey, not a brother, but a very close friend, almost like a cousin, but not really a cousin" - of course then we got these weird looks and I could see the wheels turning, a cousin, but not really a cousin, what in the world does that mean? They are dying to see him and of course I am chomping at the bit, but for now, we will have to deal with all these cutie patutie photos that they are sending to us.  Congratulations Megs & Tim, we are so very thankful to have you in our lives and are thrilled to add Aiden to our "family".

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