Friday, April 20, 2012

Five on Friday: Websites I frequent

I don't get much time to surf the World Wide Web these days, but I am always fascinated by the websites that exist and the information they are sharing with the world and what they have to offer.  I have a few that I visit on a regular basis and figured that others did too, so thought it would be fun to share.

1) Facebook - I can't help it, I am nosey, and love to know what is going on in my friends lives, and it is a quick and easy source of information that otherwise would take me days or weeks to find out.  I love finding out that a friend is expecting, or that someone bought a house, I love being able to celebrate all the great moments in peoples lives, and while I hate hearing about a loss, I do like knowing that someone is going through something tough so I can be extra understanding or offer my support.  Sometimes FB drives me a bit batty, I don't need to know what people are making for dinner every single night of the week, but I can't get enough of photos of my friends kiddos, so I would rather skip over the menu planning and go straight to the kiddos.

2) Pinterest - while I did just comment on not visiting Pinterest all too often these days, it doesn't mean I love it any less, in fact if I had the choice I would spend hours scouring Pinterest. I love being able to save ideas, know that I don't have to scour the WWW to find them and I love seeing what other people are into and thinking about.  The biggest areas of interest for me are the recipes, the DIY projects or the home decor, but the fashion has been fairly hip these days too. Again, I am nosey!

3) Wells Fargo/ING Direct/ - those are the financial websites that I am visiting most often - I don't check in all that often, but find myself paying bill after bill and those sites are my execution points.

4) Rue La La, Zulily and One Kings Lane - these are my three favorite flash sale sites. I am very impressed with Rue La La and their service, One Kings Lane and Zulily are hit or miss, some ship quickly and others take much longer, but I am still a huge fan of their offering and love to browse their sales.

5) - I can't help it, I am a sucker for gossip and photos of famous people doing everyday things. I use it to find out the latest information on who is engaged, who is having a baby and who was removed from an airplane for playing words with know, all the uber important stuff.

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