Thursday, April 19, 2012

A tease...and a rant!

I have to admit something...I have been a bad, bad, bad blog follower these days. I generally love to read blogs, I usually check in on several on a religious basis, but lately I have been scared to tease myself.  I often find myself reading blogs about home improvements or home decor, I can't get enough of the DIY blogs, but I just haven't had the time to dedicate to a project, therefore I didn't want to tease myself with all the amazing ideas out there in blog land.  I haven't been on Pinterest in ages, for the very same reason.  I am in a funk.  I am a tad stressed at work, lots of responsibility and a lot going on, I am more than a tad stressed about being a Mom to two children that are full of sass and don't tend to listen the first or tenth time you ask something of them and I have struggled to prioritize things like picking up a Cashiers Check for our refinance, how in the world would I feather in a home project? So my response is to just avoid the blogs, avoid anything that will tease me and remind me that I don't have the mind I want to have to dedicate to home projects.  Olivia's room has been a work in progress for months now, I have been dying to give a blog tour of her room, but it just isn't quite there yet...I can almost taste it, but it still needs a few more hours of Leigh-Time, of which doesn't seem to be available these days.

And some of the avoidance of blogs is an effort to be more content in what I have and what is ours.  Not to want for what others have, not to yearn for something different or better, but to just be happy and content with what we have, and truth be told, that requires me to shut down, avoid, avoid avoid, that is my strategy.

Molly and I have been trying to walk in the evenings...haven't done it yet, haven't had time.  It is pure chaos at our house after the girls go to their rooms, Avery is out of her bed no less than 14 times a night, so we are required to stand guard on the second floor - I frankly can't remember the last time I watched TV downstairs - it is getting so bad that Brad is shopping for a bigger bedroom TV.

The cotton picking boxwoods, that aren't boxwoods, that are some type of Holly Bush Thingies, are dead, almost all of them, and it makes the front of our house look darn near tragic - curb-appeal my tush - there isn't much appeal in all those dead (I want to call them Boxwoods) Holly Bush Thingies. So I tell you this because we have to take on this project - do I want to? Not for a second? I loathe landscaping and planting and dirt, and weeding, I outsource lawn care for a reason - but this just isn't going to work - Not Boxwood Holly Bush Thingies look awful - and the mailbox post, you know, the one I just refinished...yeah, that one, well it is leaning, and by leaning I mean, Molly is taking bets to see what day it just falls into the road, it is THAT bad. I finally told Brad to just prop it up with something, that getting a new mailbox post is way down on my priority list, so it is standing upright again....we'll see how long that lasts.

And the 30 Day Enough is Enough Challenge has not yet kicked off in our house, we are going to start on May 1st - but don't fret, I am still pumped about it, the stress has just pushed it out a few weeks!

I am hoping that my stress level goes down, my energy level goes up and that my free time multiples, because this recipe I have going on right now is likely only going to end in disaster.  I do have to say though, venting in this post is helping a lot, I can imagine it is painful to read, but sure is making me feel better.

And for all of my friends that have had babies in the last few months, I have well thought out gifts, some are already executed on, just haven't made it in the mail, others are still ideas in my head, but I promise you I haven't forgotten about you or your special addition!!!

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