Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Hunt - Children's House Style

She asks Miss Susan to do her hair every day

My Mom and I popped over to the Girls School today to share in some of their Easter activities, including their Egg Hunt.  We were a few minutes late to Avery's and basically missed the whole thing, according to her teacher it takes about 5 minutes total for them to find all the eggs, so it was pretty uneventful, but we did get to spend about an hour with the class outside - someone seriously needs to teach Avery to pump, she is the only kid in her class who loves the swing, but can't keep herself moving, pushing her on those little swings isn't easy on your back - woof.

In action

Can you tell how low the swings are?

YaYa pushing Avery...

Olivia's class came out around 11, and I witnessed their Egg Hunt from start to finish, and the teachers are right, it is quick, all the eggs were found within 2 minutes, so they spent a few minutes handing out candy for all the eggs they found and then they moved to a different playground so the other 4 year old class could come and partake in the 2 minute Egg Hunt.

Brad and I were chatting this afternoon, the way people at the girls school address us, just cracks us up, to the kids we are "Olivia's Mommy" or "Avery's Daddy" to the teachers we are usually "Mom" or "Dad" and when the teachers really need our attention specifically they will call us "Mrs. Turner" or "Mr. Turner" - too bad for them, I don't even think to respond to Mrs. Turner, I would turn around look for good ol' Sheila (aka Brad's Mom or Mom T).  Brad does NOT like being called Dad by anyone other than Olivia or Avery, it creeps him out for some reason and he has told the teachers several times to just call him Brad - my guess is they can't keep all of our names straight, so "Mom or Dad" is the safest route.
Olivia showed an affinity to the yellow or gold colored eggs...

Olivia's Class after the Hunt - waiting for their candy

We will likely put together an Egg Hunt for the girls on Sunday in our yard - this will be our first Easter without the neighbors so it won't be quite as exciting for them, just the two of them, but hopefully they will still have fun going in search of colorful eggs filled with goodness.

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