Friday, April 27, 2012

Five on Friday: Riley

I grew up with Dogs. I have always loved dogs, in honor of Riley's 7th Birthday, I thought I would share the five things I love about having a dog, specifically about having Riley in our lives.

1) Unconditional Love & Excitement - when I come into the house, whether I am the one to let him out of his crate or he is already out running around with the girls, he comes running over and greets me at the door with the biggest smile, his entire backend is wagging and shaking with excitement and he just can't wait for me to rub on him and give him some loving.

2) Safety - he makes me feel safe.  When I am home alone I love that he sleeps with me and keeps his big ears open. He protects us - he acts like the "man" of the house when Brad isn't home - its charming.

3) Gentle Snuggler - he is the best snuggler around - he loves to get as close as possible and he is gentle. I can lay on him, put my face in his face, and smoosh all over him and he just takes it and snuggles in.  He drops his head and lets me cozy up - precious buddy!

4) Clean - for a dog, this pup is clean.  He doesn't really shed, sometimes he smells like a dog, but most of the time he feels soft and clean and smells about the same.

5) Understands English - no joke, Riley and I can hold a conversation, he doesn't really have a lot to add, but he is listens well and does just what I say - when we are snuggling on the couch and I casually mention its time for bed or that I need to go upstairs, he gets up, stretches his legs and hits the stairs, checking it out so its safe when I get up there.

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