Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Cut or Not To Cut...

I am taking the girls to get haircuts tonight and Olivia has already told me that she doesn't want to get much cut off, she wants her hair to grow long like Ms. Lorna's (a teacher at her school), whose hair resembles this:

Crystal Gayle

I am not digging the Crystal Gayle look, but Olivia has set her sights on one day being able to sit on her own hair since Ms. Lorna won't let her sit on hers (the fact that she has asked is hysterical) . Olivia has amazing hair, she really does, it is thick, very straight and her air dry look is just knock your socks off good, no blowout needed for this hip little 4 year old beauty.

Avery on the other hand...that beauty has thin, thin, thin hair.  The color is pretty, but it is getting darker, it will be interesting to see if the sun lightens it up again or if her hair is starting to go more brunette and she is losing her blond locks. So the debate is, being that her hair is thin, long and straight, do I cut it into a layered bob to give it more va-va-voom?  The world wide web tells me the worst thing for thin hair is to leave it long and straight, whoops...but I am worried that a bob won't work either, so my question is, do I cut it and give it a try, or do I leave it long and straight?

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