Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Olivia Milestone Ahead

By the looks of this Newsletter from the girls school - my first born is growing up, Kindergarten Registration is on the 19th. Not that I needed a Newsletter to tell me that she isn't a little girl anymore, far from a Toddler, but like my homeslice Mariah said she will "Always be my Baby".

Olivia is becoming more independent, she likes to brush her own hair (which isn't a small task with the snarls that girl manages to accrue), she gets herself dressed in the mornings and brushes her own teeth (while I dance and shake what my Momma gave me to motivate them to keep brushing - I stop dancing when they stop brushing, so it keeps them brushing).  She is helpful and always asking if there is something she can do to help me out (Avery is starting to ask that more and more too, but only if the mood strikes her) and last night in the bathtub when Avery was about to go postal over the green washcloth that truth be told Olivia picked out, Avery had chosen the polka dotted one, Olivia gladly gave up the washcloth to bring Avery back down to Earth, a true sign she is growing up and would rather have a polka dotted washcloth than listen to her younger sister scream and moan.  I got all teary eyed when I praised her and told her how proud I was of that decision she made, that it showed the kind heart she has, and that Avery is lucky to have her as a big sister.  She then looked at me and said "Mom, you are the best" - melt your heart much? And then I believe Avery went on to stick her bum in Olivia's face and say "Nan-Nan-A-Boo-Boo"...back to Earth is right, that child keeps it real like no other.

Registration Evaluation will include:
First, Middle & Last Names - I think she has this one down
Address - fairly confident she will nail this one if she is paying attention and not being silly
Phone Number - I made up a song with her phone number and we jam out to it daily - she will nail this one
Birth Date - this child already has her birthday parties planned until she is 11 - she's got this one
Hand Writing of Letters and Numbers - yikes - this one could get dicey, let's just say she has her father's hand writing - HA.
Drawing of Shapes - we need to spend a little time on this one over the next few weeks, she didn't show up well in the pre-test in this category, we need a chance to redeem ourselves....

Funny story about me teaching Olivia a song to learn her phone number - Avery just runs around singing "1-8-1-9" to the tune of the song, but that isn't our phone number, while its close to our address, it isn't that either, but she is so confident its right I don't have the heart to correct her, so we just pretend its a secret code, we don't want to burst her bubble just yet, there is time for that later - HA!

You better believe we will be taking photographs on Kindergarten Registration Day. And I can imagine the tears will be flowing when I watch her walk down that hallway for the first time, she will roll her eyes at me and it will be another sign of her growing up....

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Theresa said...

I was looking at Braeden today at pick-up and he even looks like a big kid now. It's so bittersweet to watch the independence develop. I'm thrilled that he can do so much for himself, but I miss him needing me too. Can you believe we will have kindergarteners next year? I'm impressed that Olivia knows so much of her personal information. I'm going to have to get crackin' on that around here. I hope you are extremely proud of the girls you're raising. They area so lucky to have you as their momma.