Thursday, April 5, 2012

More QT

This week I have been trying to get home earlier in the afternoons, and spend more time with the girls.  Well last night didn't quite work out that way, I didn't get home until almost 6pm and we had a couple coming to look at Avery's Glider that we posted on Craig's it was a rushed evening. The girls ran over to the Koehlers and crashed their dinner on the deck, Insley was kind enough to give the girls their own bowl of pretzels so they wouldn't feel left out (I am guessing one of them complained and she felt compelled to quite them down - ha!).  Have I told ya'll lately how blessed we are to have such amazing neighbors?

Anyway...the couple ended up buying Avery's Glider and Ottoman, (which is a bit odd since its floral and they don't know what they are having) it was a bittersweet moment, sad to see it go because she is likely our last baby and the rocking her to sleep days are behind us (heck, getting her to sleep these days feels more like WW3 than anything else), but we were thrilled to get it out of our guest bedroom, now we just have to figure out what to do with Olivia's, do we keep it? or try and sell it too?  I still read books to the girls in that chair before bed, so I am not ready to let it go...

Man, I have really gotten off on a tangent haven't I? The point I was trying to make was, that I am trying to spend more time with the girls in the evening, trying to play outside with them, rather than just watch them, last night they had a tea party on the deck while Brad was making dinner so I thought I would help them organize it, and of course I asked Riley to join the party, I think he was willing only because he thought maybe there was something in it for was too cute to not snap a shot of so I wanted to share.

Tonight I am going to paint Olivia's nails and toe nails, I did Avery's the other night, and Avery has one finger nail that needs to be "fixed" because its "broken", which means the paint chipped off already, and she wants me to repaint it. My nails could use a fresh coat as well, and of course I paid to have a real manicure last Thursday, I swear, manicures are a complete waste of money for me, my nails are in rough shape, I would rather just slap a coat on myself and call it a toes on the other hand, I dream of getting pedicures, they are a time to kick my feet back and relax, and those ladies do a bang up job of making my feet flip flop ready. I can't thank them enough...

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