Friday, August 17, 2012

Five on Friday: Nautical Phone Covers I Covet

Getting an iPhone should have been super exciting and it was, but the real bonus for me was getting to pick out a case/phone cover - I love all the stylish ones but I was worried the girls were going to break my phone, so I figured I needed to get a functional one to start...that didn't last long.  Since then, I have had 3 different covers and I am always on the hunt for my next one.  The one my MIL gave me for Christmas from PBTeen is a steal at $19.50, and I absolutely loved it, but the background was white and the material it was made out of got a bit dirty, but I really, really liked the style. And I have a Kate Spade cover that I love too, but its black and that makes it hard to see at the bottom of my purse, which is where my phone always ends up.  Turns out I am having the same issue with the new navy monogrammed case I have, but I do love it.

So now I am thinking I have to focus my search for a light-colored case, and I am a huge fan of the nautical theme, so today I am going to focus in that genre.  There are so many cute cases out there, some are a small fortune and others are reasonable, but for now, these are the ones I am loving...and you will notice, most are found on - that site could bankrupt me, just sayin'.

1) Anchor Case from  - at $44 this one is a bit pricey, and without being able to feel it, its tough to say whether its as hard as I would like it to be, but visually this one makes my heart swoon. And I actually really like both colors, but since I am on the hunt for a lighter color, I would likely go with the pink stripes.

2) Whale Case from - yikes, $49 clams for this beauty, but I am a sucker for preppy whales, and this one is white too, I really badly want to stay in the white background camp being that my phone is white.

3) Seahorse Case from - $44, but cute as can be - again a bit pricey, but I love the bright, fun colors. This etsy shop, ShorelyChic has a ton of cute nautical cases, I love the starfish one too...

 4) Anchor Stripped Case from at $16.99 this one is a bargain, simple and preppy cute.

5) Vineyard Vines Logo Case and of course, last but not least, the Vineyard Vines logo case - which will set you back about 38 buck-a-roos.  It is simple, classy, I almost bought it when the Richmond store opened, but I passed, I was worried it would get dirty, but turns out after talking to one of the Product Development people who was in town for the Grand Opening, that it would wipe right off, so I may just end up with this case down the road, who knows.


personalised iPhone 4 case said...

Cool covers they are. I feel like I am back in Moby Dick Movie love. :)



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