Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Years Ago Today....

Our very first photo together...10 Years Ago...actually taken in Richmond.

Brad and I had our first date - I took a half day and made my way from Northern Virginia to Raleigh, where he was living when we met.  I met him at his apartment, I arrived just a few minutes before he did, I was hoping to freshen up and be relaxing on the couch when he got home, but of course that wouldn't be my luck, he found me in the bathroom - I had just walked in and needed to pee - how embarrassing huh?  We shared our first kiss in his kitchen/dinging room area and the rest is history...ha!  We had dinner with mutual friends that night at Cafe Luna and we've been back a few times since then to recreate our special first date moment, I sure hope its still there.  When I arrived at his apartment he had flowers waiting for me, and had gone to the store and picked up all of my favorite things, ranging from wine to strawberries to the specific brand of juice I had casually mentioned enjoying in the mornings - he was prepared and was ready to woo me.
The flowers he had waiting for me, and to this day Star Gazer Lillies are some of my favorites.

We had an amazing first weekend together and fell madly in love, a few months later Brad moved to DC and then the rest really is history.  We were engaged a few days shy of our 1 year anniversary and married 18 months after that, 7 years of marriage and 10 years of love. 

Richmond NASCAR Race - September 2002 (our second photo together)

Funny side note - Brad still has that shirt he is wearing and he loves it.  I tried to use it as a dust rag the other day, but I felt bad for him, he adores it.

The first few weeks of our relationship we did a ton of traveling back and forth between DC and Raleigh, but we managed to catch a Red Sox/Orioles game with a group of our friends - I love that we did so much early on.

We named our first pumpkin "Jack" and carved him while in Raleigh...this photo is on Brad's Downtown Balcony.

I dragged him to see the American Idol concert in DC with all of my girl friends - he was in town for the weekend and we maximized our time together, so he joined in the fun.

We met while working for the same company, and Brad left his position when he moved to DC, but he joined me for the Holiday Party in Early December 2002.  This photo was in my place in McLean.

(I still own and wear this shirt - ha)

We took a trip together very early in our relationship - we went on a Cruise, Spent a day at Disney and enjoyed a night or two in Ft. Lauderdale - this is us having brunch at "Sisters" on the Intercoastal Waterway.

Us on the Cruise - Destination: Bahamas

We are very lucky that we found each other, and as we face new challenges I think we both realize that more and more.  Happy 10 Years of Love Sweets!!


Theresa said...

How sweet it is.. I love that we got to do so much in the beginning too. It eases the realization of how little we all do now - HA!

How have you not gotten any older after 10 years and 2 babies?!?!?

Molly said...

I love that in the photo of the cruise, the guy sitting at the next table looks like he is posing for the picture as well!