Friday, August 3, 2012

Five on Friday: First Day of School Ideas

I am fully operating in "Back to School" mode, and it's funny, we aren't really going "back to school" we are essentially just "going TO school" for the first time, but heck, either way you slice it, we are living and breathing it and I am digging it.  I have been scouring Pinterest for First Day of School ideas to make the day and week special.  I have solicited ideas from my fellow Momma's and would love to hear any ideas you all having jumping around in your noggins.

1) First Day of School Dinner & Breakfast - plan a special meal, the kids pick what you make, their favorite, or if you can, go to their favorite restaurant.  I think I am going to stick with letting Olivia choose what I make, and if she happens to choose pizza, so be it. First Day of School Breakfast - I've always wanted to make the First Day of School special and we are going to be adjusting our morning schedules to accommodate breakfast at home, so I am thinking that we start that routine on the first day...but I don't want to set the bar too high...pancakes and bacon, freshly made on the first day and then frozen pancakes for the following days...that could set a girl up for disappointment - we will have to figure that one out the closer we get - but I want to make it special.

2) Back to School Fairy - I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I absolutely love it and this year it just so happens that Olivia needs new rain boots as well, so I have already procured them and plan to fill them with some fun back to school supplies, maybe some colored pencils, some fun pencils with her name on them, stuff like that - and these beauties will be downstairs ready and waiting for her when she comes down on the first day of school - cute huh?

3) Notes in Lunch Box - this one doesn't just apply on the first day, but I plan to leave notes in the girls lunch boxes as often as I can - just reminders of how special they are to me, etc - but of course, the ability to read is a prerequisite to this being as cool as I can imagine it will be one day. I loved it when my Mom left me notes - I plan to find ways just like this one to remind the beauties that they make my world go round.

4) Teacher First Day Gifts - I am actually really excited about teacher gifts - they have a tough job and I for one, very much appreciate the love and energy they put into educating our youth. And as a daughter of a now retired public school teacher, I know they don't get the respect and compensation they deserve, but if I can show them in little ways that I appreciate them, I am hoping it will remind them that what they are doing IS important and people do appreciate the gift they have. I am hoping I can whip up something cute for the first day, but our last week of August is a bit of a doozie, so maybe it will be more like the First Week of School Gift..

5) First Day of School Photos - I can't wait, I am already on a hunt for a cute frame that I can turn into a chalkboard so I can use it as a prop.  I plan to ask Olivia a few questions, similar to her Birthday Questions, and I plan to snap a photo of her - lets hope we can get it together and that we have enough time in the morning. I also found some cute printables on Pinterest if the chalkboard doesn't work out this year...

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