Monday, August 13, 2012

Sand, Rain & a bit of Sun

We packed up on Wednesday evening and headed South to two of our favorite places on Earth...Wilmington, North Carolina & Wrighstville Beach.  Brad introduced me to this part of NC when we first started dating and it was love at first sight...I would live there if I could, and heck, maybe we will one day, but for now it can be just a pipe dream...

We drove through a rather loud & bright storm on Wednesday night, arrived late and the girls got very little sleep, but we got up and went to the beach on Thursday while our friends worked (we were staying with them).  We then met up for lunch at Trolley Stop (a delish hot dog stand on the beach) and then due to the late to bed, early to rise situation we decided to call it at day and head back to their house.

Thursday afternoon we spent some time at the pool and then went out on the boat for a quick ride down in Carolina Beach.

Olivia gets nervous when the boat "wobbles" too much - she does much better when we are going fast, the slow wobbles get her all worked up.

Brad and I - we rarely get our photos taken together because I am always the one behind the camera, thank goodness for the iPhone camera and its ability to flip around.

The girls and I snuggling on the boat - it was nice to have some snuggle time with them, they started to get a little antsy and were wondering around a bit, back and forth between Brad and I, but for the most part they LOVED the boat.

Here is my first mate - ha, get it? I crack myself up....isn't he a handsome son of a gun though?

Friday we expected rain so we spent the day at the Ft. Fisher Aquarium - the girls loved the Aquarium at the Outer Banks, but this time around they weren't as thrilled - I think they were missing the Sea Turtle exhibit - they loved that thing.

I think their favorite part might have been the outside play area...ha!

We had lunch in Kure Beach before the Aquarium, and the girls didn't eat a bite, I swear, we ate out so many times and wasted so much money on kids meals, we are going to start ordering one meal and they are going to have to share it.

Saturday Avery didn't feel well so her and I hung around the house while everyone else went on the boat for the day.  Brad said Olivia had a blast, she collected a ton of seashells and found a Crab Claw, so she wants me to pick up a glass jar for her to put them in, to display in her room, so cute.  We left yesterday morning, hit the Smithfield Outlets on the way home, grabbed Avery a pair of sneaks, and watched Olivia throw a fit because she wasn't getting a new pair of shoes, DESPITE the fact that she has 3 new pairs in her closet ready for her to start school with - urgh. Kids! The girls had a blast playing with Ford & Maggie (our friends kiddos), and Olivia was in tears leaving.  We can't thank our friends enough, they are fantastic hosts - next year we are hoping to get babysitter and have an adult meal!!

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