Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"American Wedding"

I was telling all the guys this weekend that I feel like I am staring in the movies American Wedding and American Reunion this week, and if this past weekend is any indication of how American Reunion is going to go, I can't wait.

View from our deck

One of my best guy pals from high school got married on Sunday, to a beautiful girl that makes him an even better man, I am thrilled for them.  Brad & I flew into Boston bright and early Saturday AM and one of my other close guy friends picked us up, he and his wife live just outside of Boston, it was great to spend some time with them prior to our trip to VT for the wedding.  I miss my "old friends" so very much and this weekend reminded me just how lucky I am to still have them in my life.

Groom & Mother of the Groom

The venue was just perfect, The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont, just outside of Killington, VT - the accommodations were perfect for a weekend with a large group of old friends. We rented a 4 bedroom house and had an absolute blast. 

Kiely "shootin"

We all arrived mid-day on Saturday, spent the afternoon on the deck, relaxing, enjoying some spirits and laughing until our sides hurt. Sunday morning was a bit rough for most of us, late nights and far too many spirits can do that to you, but everyone had a great time.  Sunday the group decided they wanted to enjoy some of the resort activities, some went to the pool, and most of our group started the day with Skeet Shooting.  Kiely was a rookie but was a rock star - she was so pumped, I wouldn't be surprised if she has found herself a new hobby!!

The crew

The guys all got ready at our house - it was so cute seeing them all dressed up, I am used to seeing this crew in mesh shorts and t-shirts - they clean up well. Handsome gents.

Another huge plus - I got to meet this little man for the first time - Jaxon Harrington, Adam and Kearstin's little man - and by little, he isn't all that little, but man oh man, I would take those cheeks any day, that little man has a smile that could turn your darkest day around.  I couldn't get enough!! I can't wait to spend more time with him and his big brother later this week. The girls will eat him up!!!

It was so great to see the whole crew together again, they are all still so close, get to hang out all the time, and I live so far away, so it was nice to be welcomed back into the fold, and it felt like we were back in high school, didn't skip a beat.

Mr. & Mrs. Kristopher Kachelmeyer (or Kris & Jenn)

I didn't get a great shot of Brad and I, however rumor on the street is, the photographer has some comedic shots of me dancing while Brad camped out in a chair - the poor guy was drugged up on pain meds most of the weekend and could barely move.  So I ended up dancing around him for the majority of the evening, I was just excited I was getting in some cardio time, but apparently I doubled as entertainment for the photographer, can't wait to see those shots.

Brad & I, right after ceremony

At reception

It was great to have some slow dancing time with him though - he could handle that, but I was on my own when it came to really cutting a rug, good thing I was in great company, my pals can really shake it.  It was funny, their DJ was the same DJ we used for our wedding.

I shed a few tears during the Best Man speech - which also happened to be the Groom's Father - he is a basketball coach and so at the end of his speech he got down in his coaching stance and talked to them like they were his "team" and coached them - it was adorable and just perfect for the moment. 

We flew from Boston to Richmond late last night, Pat & Kiely dropped us in Harvard Square late afternoon and we grabbed some appetizers and drinks with Kristen, Kori and our long-lost friend Keith - it was great to have a few hours with them, even if it was a super quick visit. Our flight home was delayed and we didn't get home until after midnight!! Exhausted is a good way to describe how we are feeling today. But Olivia graduates tonight so we will put a smile on and put some pep in our steps to support the oldest beauty!

It is going to be a crazy next few days, once this week is over I will need a vacation, but its jammed packed with exciting events, so at least we are having a lot of fun!! 

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