Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Report: Beautiful Disaster

Another Fifty Shades-like Book...Beautiful Disaster - however this one is a far more tame, and geared towards a younger audience, as the main characters in this book are college kids.  Jamie McGuire is new to the scene, but does a fair job developing Abby and Travis as characters - she doesn't knock it out of the park, but as I have told a few of my friends, I churned through this book rather quickly, I am not ashamed to admit that I couldn't put it down - this genre is easy to read, it is pure entertainment for me and I can get through them in a day or two - which I like, sometimes books that drag on drive me bonkers.  For example, I have been reading Pretty in Plaid (Jen Lancaster), and I love it, but its just not holding my attention the way this contemporary romance genre is these days.

I liked Abby as a character - she had attitude, she tried to resist Travis and his charm, which was oddly hard to buy into.  He was the campus bad boy, but all the girls swooned over him, yet he was smart, got straight A's and was the prize fighter in an underground fight club scene on a college campus. Travis is a strange character - I haven't the foggiest idea what he would look like - and not being able to picture a character in my head is the absolute worst.  I recommend reading this one if you are looking for pure entertainment - it isn't going to rock your world, but its a quick easy read.  I am already looking forward to the second book, which is due out this Fall.

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