Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Cupcake...

Avery & I
Avery getting ready to make a wish

The little darling fell ill Saturday Morning just before her Party started, so she was quiet and spent the majority of the party camped in someone's lap. I learned that hosting a party for 50+ people, including 22 small children inside is loud and chaotic.  And I also learned that "Decorate Your Own Cupcake" is a great idea, but executes poorly...never again. Olivia had a blast and looked adorable in her new smocked cupcake dress. You can barely see how precious Avery looked in her cupcake dress in these two photos, but I am hoping when Jeni is done going through her photos and I get a chance to download mine, we will have a few good ones that show off just how darling her dress was. 

A big THANK YOU to Jeni for capturing these moments for us...and for coming up to celebrate with us. 


Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!! :)

Jeni said...

We were so thrilled to celebrate with you. I am determined to go through the photos by the end of this week!!! I can't wait to see yours :)