Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stage 5 Clinger

Our sweet Avery has had a rough go of it the last few days.  It all started on Saturday with the fever, and she has been a fussy, clingy mess since then.  We have never gotten a "bad" report from her teacher at school before and yesterday when I got there, her teacher just said "Thank God" and I looked down at Avery's face and the poor thing was a tear-stained mess.  Her teacher said she had been like that since 3pm and would quiet down a little if she was being held. Brad was traveling last night, but I picked up right where he teacher left off, I don't think I put her down for more than 30 seconds all night, that includes trips to the bathroom, she follows me and climbs into my lap...never in my 32 years of life did I ever imagine peeing with a child on my lap. TMI, I know. Sorry.

Her 2 Year Well Visit Check Up went well yesterday, she was a bit of a mess by the time Dr. S came in, but that was my fault because I looked at the clock wrong in the morning and we ended up getting to the office 30 minutes early...horrible idea.  We had already been there for an hour by the time Dr. S called us back.  She weighed in at 30lbs, which has her falling in the 75-90% and she measured 36.5 inches, which is the 97%. She is a tall, tall girl.  They tested her hemoglobin and her blood sugar and both checked out perfectly, great news!

The poor darling just isn't herself.  She fell asleep three times at school on Tuesday and slept for the full 2 hour nap.  Her teacher looked for her a few times and found her sound asleep on a pile of pillows, never before has Avery just fallen asleep like that.  And yesterday on the way to school after her Doctor's appointment she slept the whole way, yet the child still gets up at 5:21am. Doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but such is life.

I am taking a Leigh-Day tomorrow. My Mom and I are heading to the Yorktown/Williamsburg area for the day.  I am having my hair done in the morning and then we will have lunch and hit the outlets on our way home.  I am hoping to find some cute deals for the girls, but we are fortunate that the girls don't really need all that much, most of Olivia's clothes from last year will work for Avery, it won't be long before they are sharing clothes....heck, they basically do now.

So a little more about my hair. I am beyond thrilled. I am on pins and needles. I am having a Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and I can't wait. I will have to take some pictures to show ya'll the before and after photos.

(Photo Credits go to Jeni again, she is a miracle worker)

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Jeni said...

Have a fantastic day Leigh! Can't wait to see the hair :)