Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Are Two: Chuck E. Cheese Style

Avery at Chuck E. Cheese on her Birthday

The girls had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese on Avery's Birthday. Bina & PawPaw organized it and it was nice to get everyone together to celebrate our Avery's second year of life. I did have a minor panic attack thinking about all the germs and how all you do is touch things that other people have just touched at Chuck E. Cheese, but I got over that...eventually. Olivia did okay with the characters, we sat very close to the stage so when they preformed she panicked a little bit, but overall I was rather impressed how they adjusted to something they had never experienced before.

"Thank you Bina & PawPaw"

Olivia & YaYa

They are still a little young to get a lot out of it, but they sure did enjoy the slides, I think they must have gone down the slides 30 times each. Brad enjoyed playing some of the games in an attempt to win some least that is what he told us, I think he just liked playing the games.

Bina & PawPaw came prepared with a cake for Avery, she even made a wish and blew out her candle.


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