Sunday, March 6, 2011

He pulled it off...

We packed up the Fam and headed for Bassett to visit Brad's Parents and spend some time with his Grandma, we got a late start and didn't pull into his Parents house until 9:30pm, luckily Avery slept for the last 90 minutes or so, but it was close to 11pm before Olivia closed her peepers.  It was great to see them and great to be there, Bassett is calming to both Brad and I, and we know the girls just love their time with Bina & PawPaw. 

Fast Forward to 8am on Saturday Morning...I casually asked Brad "What do you want to do today?" and he responded with "You need to be packed and ready by 2:30pm"...oh really I thought...where are we going? He had planned an amazing night away for us to celebrate my 32nd Birthday (which is tomorrow).  He had made reservations at the Mountain Rose Inn in Woolwine, Virginia, which was a super cute B&B tucked into the mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.  And it didn't stop there, he had reserved us 2 spots at the 5 O'clock Winery Tour at Chateau Morrisette and made dinner reservations for us at 7pm.  I was so touched by his thoughtfulness. Brad isn't a planner, so for him to pull this off and for it to be so well thought out, it meant the world to me.  I think I said "Thank You" and "I am so happy" about 32 times on the way to the Inn.

Our Room

The beautiful flowers waiting for us..

We had a fabulous time at Chateau Morrisette, the tour and tasting were wonderful, and we walked away with 6 bottles of wine and two small stuffed black labs for the girls, who are now named "Pickles and Vaseline", courtesy of Olivia.

Dinner at Chateau Morrisette was amazing.  Being that I have been very disciplined with my new low-fat lifestyle, I thought I did an okay job with my meal selection and was still very impressed.  We started with Firecracker Shrimp, Brad enjoyed Conch Chowder while I enjoyed a House Salad with Chardonnay-Honey Vinaigrette, for our entrees, Brad enjoyed Chicken Saltimbocca and I devoured Crab Cakes. We both splurged on dessert and savored a Molten Lava Cake with homemade Ice Cream, it was divine and well worth the cheat. 

We slowly made our way back to the Inn, the parkway was super foggy, and it had been pouring all day, so we took an alternate route home just to be on the safe side.  We were welcomed by Champagne and Chocolates, which Brad tells me were pretty good.  We then curled into the heavenly sheets (made by the Comfy Company) and watched a few episodes of Lock Up and Life After Lock Up, I happen to be a HUGE fan of prison that weird?

I can't thank my husband and in-laws enough!!! The girls had a blast and Brad and I were able to spend a much needed night away, just the two of us, it was a perfect Birthday Surprise. I sure do love that man I married...very much indeed.

I should also note, he surprised me with a new flash for my camera that I have been pining is my first photo.

Impressive huh? - NOT.

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