Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just us Girls...

Brad left bright and early this morning for Atlanta and won't be back until late Tuesday Night. The girls and I had a great day together.

A few things to note:
  • Sunday Paper Coupons were FABULOUS this week
  • (Olivia helping me throw away Coupon scraps)
  • We shut off the AC and opened the windows yesterday and so far so good...odds that we will be able to keep it off for the long-haul..slim to none, but I am still going to rejoice in two days of windows.
  • Avery knows how to say "Sorry La-La"...and the reason I know this is because I asked her to say sorry to Olivia after she wacked her with a board book straight across her head...she looked at me, turned around and walked over to Olivia, got nose to nose and yelled "Sorry La-La". Olivia and I were so surprised we just laughed.
  • Richmond, Virginia was the only city on the East Coast that DID NOT get the Pats game today, I was furious. Friends in Baltimore and Brad in Atlanta were able to watch my main man Tom Brady light it up, but not me...Avery and I had the pleasure of watching Peyton Manning instead.
  • I love watching Tyler Perry movies when Brad is out of town and this afternoon during naptime I watched "Why I got married too?"
  • I broke all fashion rules I live by and wore a JMU T-Shirt and JMU torture my VA Tech loving neighbors.
The girls watching Olivia this morning

Cute right?

Well until Olivia decided she wanted to be in-front and that meant we had to shift chairs about 326 times.

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