Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wedding Preparation

As you know our trip to Northfield was scheduled around Adam and Kear's wedding. I felt very honored to be included on their special day and standing up there with them meant the world to me. While Adam and I have been BFF's for years and years, I have grown very close with Kear as well, so standing up next to her was perfect, I am so happy they found each other.

Thursday Night Brad and I met the crew for dinner at Joe's (a local hangout in Northampton), and then Friday Morning the preparation began. I met the girls for a mani/pedi around 10am in Hadley. Olivia spent the morning playing with Jayden (her future husband, as she likes to call him).

Friday afternoon was the rehersal, rehersal dinner and then the rehersal dinner after-party, where I must admit, I cut a serious rug. I was a dancing fool. We had a great time. I love catching up with old friends. And I was pleased with my outfit selection, I went with the Brown Strapless JCrew dress, and I loved it. Gold Jewlery and Gold Shoes to match...too bad I didn't get a single picture that night.

The glowing Bride-To-Be getting her nails "did"

Mother of the Bride, soon to be "Sister-in-Law of the Bride" and Ace, good friend of the Bride

Kear's Aunt Lil and Kear...

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