Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the way home...

from school today, Olivia asked me why I was driving...typical behavior from Olivia, she wants to talk and doesn't know what to say so she asks questions, many of which she knows the answer to...non-stop, the girl just has a gift for gab...I wonder where she got that from?

So today...this is how it went:

O: Mommy, why are you driving?

Me: Why do you think Olivia?

O: So we can get home

Me: Yes, thats right Olivia...can you drive?

O: Nope

Me: Why not?

O: Because my hands are too small, when my hands grow up, then I will be able to drive

Very matter of fact...straight and to the point, the girl has an answer for EVERYTHING. She's one funny little cookie. When I picked her up today Ms. L, her new teacher made me aware of the Open House on Thursday Night...(what happened to giving people some notice, jeesh), of course Brad and I can't go because we are both going to be in DC on our way to our respective weddings. I am so bummed. I have been dying to learn more about her school and their routine. I do however love that her new teacher sends home a monthly newsletter with their themes and activities, I love knowing what she is doing, and what she is learning. Yesterday they had a Ventriloquist come into their class and entertain the kiddos, cute huh? I didn't know about it until tonight when I sat down and read the letter so I haven't had a chance to ask Olivia about it just yet. Ms. L thanked Olivia today for being a good listener, I beamed with pride, dork alert. I can't wait for our first parent teacher conference...

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